Love, Peace, and Bacon Grease



A pefect end to my 3 day weekend. Yesterday I made my way to the happiest place on Earth. My son's birthday is coming up…
Chaka²Live Jun 25, 2013
Muddy Good Timespic

Muddy Good Times

Saturday was just as fun as I could have imagined. We got to play 3 games before we were disqualified. Considering it was just a…


It's been busyness as usual around here. Summer school schedule is kicking my butt, but I'm having a great time at it. Gave 2 speeches…
Gone fishing...pic

Gone fishing...

Well, I did a lot more that just fish in the 7 or so months that I've been absent. Between work and school, I'm lucky…
Goodbye Summerpic

Goodbye Summer

So glad summer is almost gone. It was way too hot for way too long, and Im looking forward to tge fall season!
Independence Dayvid

Independence Day

Had a great day full of great food and fun fireworks. Never though we would get a show like this from the front lawn! Hope…
Chaka²Live Jul 04, 2012
Week 6pic

Week 6

What a week. It went by so fast...
Night Skypic

Night Sky

Take some time each day to appreciate nature at it's finest.
Annular Eclipse of 2012pic

Annular Eclipse of 2012

On May 21, 2012,  I was counting down the hours until the moon would block out the sun for the 2012 Annular Eclipse. Something as…
Week 5pic

Week 5

California is the best place in the entire world. You can always escape the big cities and get lost in nature. If you drive in…
Birds on the Beachpic

Birds on the Beach

Morning time at the beach is always something special. That feeling of waking up and knowing you can skate out 4 minutes to the beach....I…

Week 4

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Chaka²Live May 11, 2012
Work work workpic

Work work work

There's big things happening right now... This weekend was the annual Festival of Beers in town, and it was such a good time. I went to…
Chaka²Live May 02, 2012

Week 2

This week has been a quicky, but goody! Went out with friends that I hadn't seen for a while, and that's always fun. I edited…
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Chaka²Live Apr 27, 2012
Day 1pic

Day 1

I decided to try out this instagram thing, and I kind of got sucked in... Spent all day putting effects on my favorite pictures that…
Chaka²Live Apr 16, 2012
Log On Fire Short Filmvid
Good Timespic

Good Times

My son and I had an incredible Saturday! I took him to Six Flags Magic Mountain for his first try at the thrill rides, and…
Las Palmaspic

Las Palmas

Traveled through rain, snow, and hail this weekend. The weather was mostly wet and cold. But there were also moments like this. The wind was…
Chaka²Live Mar 18, 2012


So I just realized it's been forever since I've posted on Buzznet. I've been really busy with things, and so I haven't really had time…
Chaka²Live Mar 14, 2012
Cloudy Day Lovepic

Cloudy Day Love

I love cloudy days. Yesterday was no exception. 01.22.12   DROID

The Need To Relax

It's only 9am, and already I feel like I've been working for hours. Time for some breakfast and then maybe some procrastinating before getting back…
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Chaka²Live Jan 11, 2012
Cause I'm Fallin...pic

Cause I'm Fallin...

Wrapped up a long work weekend. Now I'm looking to enjoy some downtime. #Exhausted 01.02.12
Chaka²Live Jan 08, 2012
Look Up To The Sky And See...pic

Look Up To The Sky And See...

On days like this, I like to go out to the park and just stare up at the sky. 01.02.12
January 2012pic

January 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like fall. The leaves are finally falling and the ground is finally covered with yellow. We had record breaking…

X Marks The Spot

As many of you know, I kind of have a thing for the sky and all things space. I guess that its one of the…
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Chaka²Live Jan 02, 2012


Went out with friends to watch the massive winter waves crash at the beach yesterday. It's always good to get out of the house for…
Chaka²Live Dec 23, 2011


Pictures snapped in the year of 2011...
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Chaka²Live Dec 22, 2011


I'm..dreaming...of a mild....Christmas.. I've been so busy these last few weeks (months even). I love taking some time to relax and enjoy some beautiful sights. 12.17.11
Oh Brother....pic

Concert Memories Album

Just a bunch of random concert memory stuff I found today. I'm gonna keep adding, and hopefully I'll find some more of my old stuff. Looking…
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Chaka²Live Dec 03, 2011


*Concerts *Pictures *Collecting *Etc... This is a picture that kind of completely encompasses all three of those things. It's a picture I took of all the ticket stubs I've…
Never show up empty-handed...pic

11.11.11 Weekend

This past weekend was full of happenings and events. I'm soo tired, but I think I have enough energy to upload a few pictures of…
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Chaka²Live Nov 14, 2011
S is for Sacrificevid

S is for "Sacrifice"

Sacrifice....concerts? Nah.. This is the song "Sacrifice" by The Expendables. I went to this show last night and I took the video that I got…
Chaka²Live Nov 13, 2011
Tomorrow's Bad Seeds - Nice And Slow 11.11.11vid

Tomorrow's Bad Seeds - Nice And Slow (11.11.11)

Tomorrow's Bad Seeds Nice and Slow HOB Sunset 11.11.11
Chaka²Live Nov 12, 2011

What Kind Of Home Would This Be Without Someone To Come Back To?

Buzznet is like one big family, right? So here's how mine breaks down. :] Iska - My twin sister from another mother, she was the first…

Tijuana, Mexcio B.C.

We went on a day trip south of the border. Took a a few pictures with my phone.
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Chaka²Live Nov 08, 2011
Lazy Daypic

Lazy Day

Today is a good day. :] I took this picture a few months ago. I've been going through lots of pictures that I've taken in this…
Have a Haunted Halloween!pic

Have a Haunted Halloween!

Last pumpkin got the headless treatment. Having a good time with friends. 10.31.11
Chaka²Live Oct 31, 2011
Bite Me!pic

Bite Me!

All of the sudden I find myself having an insatiable craving for BRRAAAIIINNSS! BTW: How gross is this zombie bite? 10.30.11 DRRROIIDDDD
Chaka²Live Oct 30, 2011
Halloween Weekend Tippic

Halloween Weekend Tip

If you ever find yourself on a long and lonesome road, always make sure you have the gas and a spare tire....maybe even 2! On…
Sea Breezepic

Sea Breeze

Today was a good day. Did a bit of lounging around the house and I also did some things. I watched "Idiocracy" because....why not? And…
Chaka²Live Oct 28, 2011
Goodbye Blue Sky...pic

Goodbye Blue Sky...

This getting-dark-early thing has got me feeling a little groggy. How I long for days like these... 07.02.11
Story Tellers Assignment: How I Discovered Buzznetpic

Story Tellers Assignment: How I Discovered Buzznet

On July 9th of last year, I woke up and signed into Facebook to check on things, when I noticed that 2 of the bands…

Six Flags Fright Fest 2011

This weekend, me and my friends took a trip out to Six Flags Magic Mountain for the annual Fright Fest spooktacular! I had sooo much…
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Chaka²Live Oct 24, 2011

Halloween Pumpkins 2011

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Chaka²Live Oct 19, 2011

Let's Carve Some Pumkins!

With Halloween only a couple weeks away, many of us are getting into the season, and what better way to celebrate Halloween than by carving…
Chaka²Live Oct 17, 2011
Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience!!!!vid

Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience!!!!

So I was able to score some tickets to what might possibly have been the best show to come by all year; The Jason Bonham…
Chaka²Live Oct 14, 2011

It's Feeling Like Halloween...

So I came into the kitchen the other day, and I noticed that the walls decided to bleed or something. YDEWTK. It was weird. (And…
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Chaka²Live Oct 11, 2011
Good Times At The Fairpic

Good Times At The Fair

It's that time of the year when the annual county fair goes up for 2 weeks. I've never been a big fan of that place…

Getting Results: NOM NOM NOM

Last week, I posted a call for pictures of all your NOMZ, and you all came through with some awesome results! The Challenge: Try to…
Posting From Buzznet.commpic

Posting From

Oh the irony!!1 DRRROIIDDDD ;]
Chaka²Live Sep 27, 2011
Where Did That Come From?pic

Where Did That Come From?

Last Friday night, we had a lightning and thunder storm sneak up on us to usher in the Fall season. It was awesome! Me and…
Breakfast NOMZpic

Breakfast NOMZ

This is what I like to eat in the morning. 1 Egg 1 Slice of "Queso Fresco" Shredded Beef On The Side Bacon Strips Rice Beans & Toasted Bread
Chaka²Live Sep 21, 2011
Sun Setting On A Traffic Jam A Cheesy Poempic

Sun Setting On A Traffic Jam (A Cheesy Poem)

Sun Setting On A Traffic Jam (A Cheesy Poem) *a la Seuss* I do not when traffic crams. I do not like these traffic jams! I would not…

Alphabet Assignment: N IS FOR NOM (NOM NOM)

This week's assignment was inspired  by one of my favorite things in the world: THE NOMZ! I love food! The smells, the textures, the taste! Even…
Full-Moon In Septemberpic

Full-Moon In September

The moon looked amazing last night. It lit up the entire sky. This picture does not even begin to show what it was that I…
At It Again...pic
L is also for Lightning! :pic

L is also for Lightning! :]

It's been storming up around here like crazy! Got a couple of hours of crazy rain, and a day-full of a light show in the…
Chaka²Live Sep 10, 2011
Photo Printspic

Photo Prints

So it turns out that pictures look even cooler as a physical print! Just got back with over 100 pictures. Good times... 09.08.11
Chaka²Live Sep 08, 2011

Summertime In California

I had a very busy weekend, and I finally caught up with some much needed rest. :] 09.04.11
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Chaka²Live Sep 07, 2011

Stopping To Smell The Flowers

Busy busy three day weekend has kicked off. I have so much to do and so little time to do it in. The only way…
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Chaka²Live Sep 03, 2011

311 Unity Tour '11 @ The Santa Barbara Bowl

311's Unity Tour 2011featuringSublime With Rome &Del Mar Santa Barbara Bowl08.21.11 This past Sunday, I made my way to the Santa Barbara Bowl for the annual 311…
Chaka²Live Aug 26, 2011
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